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the blueberry hill cocktail

Blueberry Hill is actually my dear friends Sam and Chris’ lovely home on Fire Island.  Invitations are rare, but if you can snag one (especially on a coveted August weekend), you go.  My lovely, pampered girls weekend at Blueberry Hill was also the same weekend they were hosting an exclusive cocktail party to benefit the Cherry Grove Community House and Theater (such generous boys, Sam and Chris).

Yes, the party was lovely.  Catered from head to toe, including the giant fondant poodle covered in chocolate and vanilla cream puffs.  Catered from head to toe….except the signature cocktail of the evening.   Sam and Chris had decided to create a signature drink for their beautiful new home.

You see, this was a coming out of sorts for Blueberry Hill (the house), as it had been purchased by my friends last year, and underwent a total renovation under the guidance of Sam.   It seemed that the entire community was turning out not just to give to a great cause, but to see what had become of the well known Blueberry Hill house.  I can tell you that the house is STUNNING.  I would be happy just to stay in their pool house.  Or on the croquet lawn.


Or beside the Koi pond.  Yes, they have a Koi pond.  Did I mention the house has its own stationery?


But this is not about their gorgeous home with its croquet lawn and fancy stationery.  I’m here to tell you about the cocktail.


Now, Sam and Chris had decided before I arrived that the cocktail would contain blueberry, elderflower liqueur, mint, and vodka.  But little did I know that it would be up to me to create an actual cocktail with these ingredients.  A knock your socks off, everyone is talking about it kind of cocktail.  For 150 thirsty partygoers.


The following recipe is a scaled down version of what I hope my hosts (and their 150 guests) were happy with.  My “sister wife” (it’s a long story….) was my taster this weekend as I recreated the recipe to share with you….and she LOVED it.  I hope you will too.  Unfortunately,  I can’t get you a weekend at Blueberry Hill, but I can get you a weekend drinking Blueberry Hills.

The Blueberry Hill

This recipe makes 4 cocktails and is very easy to halve and double.  The vodka, mint, and blueberries are easy to come by.  St Germain is an elderflower liqueur sold in most liquor stores.  It is a taste all its own…a subtle, flowery sweetness.  Buy a bottle.  Rumor has it that it also goes well in a cucumber basil martini.  Who knew?

1 cup (1/2 pint) blueberries

1/4 cup mint leaves, torn

juice from 1 lemon

6 ounces vodka

4 ounces St Germain elderflower liqueur

club soda or seltzer water


4 mint sprigs and 12 plump blueberries for garnish

The Garnish:

Pick four of the heartiest mint sprigs from the bunch.  Cut to 3-4 inches long and remove all but the top mint leaves.


Using a toothpick, make a hole through the center of each blueberry.  Use this hole to thread 3 blueberries onto the stem of mint sprig.


Repeat with remaining sprigs/blueberries.  Set aside while making a cocktail.

The Cocktail:

In a small bowl place blueberries, mint and lemon juice.


With a pestle or back of a large spoon, press mixture until berries release their juices and mint is broken up.


Fill 4 highball or other glasses that hold at least 8 ounces with ice.  Add 1 1/2 ounces of vodka, 1 ounce of St Germain liqueur and 1/4 of the blueberry muddle to each glass.  Fill with club soda and gently stir.  Garnish with reserved blueberry mint spears.  Be careful…as you might find yourself behaving like this guest…


And a special thanks to our hosts for a weekend that will surely go down as one of the best ever.  xo


3 Responses to “the blueberry hill cocktail”

  1. Jane weisser

    Refreshing drink and if you could even find it anywhere one would be happy to imbibe of it. A show stopper.

  2. mikki

    The house…the croquet lawn…the cocktail — what a perfect combination. I need to attempt my hand at making this before the Summer ends.

  3. coastalcrone

    I had seen a little about the party on Sam’s Facebook page but you have given us the inside look. Thanks! The cocktail looks divine – you did a good job.


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