chocolate hippos

mail order cookies are here!

Hello, stranger.  I’ve been been so busy with work this summer that I haven’t posted any recipes for you to try….but I haven’t forgotten you!  I’ve been working on some surprises for the fall….and am kicking it off with the announcement that Chocolate Hippos cookies can now be delivered to your (or your loved one’s) door.


I’m keeping it simple to start….$20/box plus shipping/delivery.  Each box contains 12-16 cookies, depending on size of cookie.  Cookies are baked to order, using the freshest, organic (whenever possible) ingredients available.  We’re talking local, organic eggs and butter.  The highest quality chocolate and natural flavorings.  All orders are shipped within 12 hours of baking.


Cookies brighten anyone’s day.  And these cookies are like sending a box of liquid sunshine.


I am currently offering the classics:

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Hippos


Salted Caramel Brownies

Crispy-Chewy Oatmeal

Special Orders or other childhood favorites by request.  Orders shipped Mondays and Tuesdays. Local (NYC) delivery 7 days a week with 48 hours notice.  Email me at  You won’t be disappointed!



2 Responses to “mail order cookies are here!”

  1. mikki

    We’ve only sampled the chocolate chip so far but can honestly say it’s perfect — chewy yet not too soft, firm with not a bit of crumbling. Loved!


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