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THE polenta cake

SPRING is finally here!  Despite forecasters calling for yet another arctic blast next week, there is FINALLY a light at the end of the tunnel.  And…


birthday cupcakes

It was my birthday last weekend, and I’m feeling guilty for not making my famous birthday cupcakes.  Not because I particularly care for cupcakes, but because…



One of the reasons I started my blog was to document recipes for my daughter, Chelsea….remember my first post about the sweet and spicy chocolate hippo…


concord grape sorbet

Every September I eagerly await the arrival of Concord grapes.  Only available for a short time during the late summer and early fall, I could eat…


salted caramel sauce

I am terrified of being alone at night.  Ever since I was a child, as night fell, I feared the boogeyman.  And to this day, if…


zucchini cake

Sitting at the beach on Labor Day, I am pondering summer’s end.  I don’t like the heat of summer, nor do I enjoy sitting in the…


peach blueberry “pike”

Not quite a cake, not quite a pie…’s a “pike”.  I know, you think I’m getting all Rachael Ray on you.  But I’m not.  I just…


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