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green goddess soup

With snow storms, ice storms, and polar vortexes wearing away at me this winter, I need to summon my inner goddess for the strength to make…


broccoli salad

I had one of those weekends that started off with an almond croissant Saturday morning and didn’t end until I polished off a Saint Louie pizza…


warm kale-butternut salad

Think of this as a warm autumn salad….the kind of salad that will warm up a certain housemate who is from Florida and thinks 48 degrees…


chopped salad with salsa verde dressing

My dear friend Jane and I were chatting this weekend about how tomatillos have become such a staple in our everyday cooking.  Just a few short…


panzanella salad

For many years I cooked without ever writing down a recipe….which has been one of the hardest parts about writing a food blog….I have to stop…


corn salad with mint and feta

Sorry for the delay in posts….I’ve spent the last several days being pampered in Fire Island.  I’ll tell you more about that in a few days,…


tomato ricotta tart

My oh my, I really wanted to wait until the end of the summer to share this with you.  Why so selfish?  Because this summer recipe…


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